Smart Meter Data Analytics

The Challenge:
With Utility companies facing many changes in the industry from many factors at once; evolving technology implementations & usage in the utilities space has generated unprecedented data volumes and complexity which are projected to increase more as the industry continues to transform and evolve. To remain competitive, utility companies will need to focus their attention on business intelligence & advanced analytics to manage the changing environment.

The Solution: Smart Meter Analytics
B.I. Voyage leverages its expertise around Microsoft’s scalable SQL Server Parallel Data
Warehouse data platform and Microsoft Business Intelligence stack, along with a core
Utility Data Model derived from industry best practices, to offer Utility Companies a Smart Meter
Analytics solution.

The solution empowers Utility Companies to turn massive volumes of smart meter data into powerful insights that transform customer interactions and business operations. Utilities are then empowered with the ability to perform in-depth analysis on consumption data quickly and efficiently, resulting in access to immediate insights into customer consumption and usage patterns. These insights empower Utilities to be more proactive and affective in identifying and preventing peak usage customers among other solution benefits.

Business Benefits:

  • Reduce Energy Costs with more accurate load forecasts based on energy consumption patterns
  • Increase adoption rates for demand response or demand side management programs
  • Realize Energy Savings and Emission Targets
  • Increase revenue by offering new energy Services
  • Reduce revenue loss through increased transparency into smart meter data and consumer consumption patterns