Preventable Readmission Solution

A 2007 report from the Medicare Payment Advisory Commission (MedPAC) estimated that 18% of Medicare hospitalizations result in a readmission within 30 days of discharge. The financial impact of these readmission cases accounted for $15 billion in spending. According to MedPAC’s estimates approximately 80% of studied readmission incidents were believed to be preventable, translating to roughly $12 billion in unnecessary expenditures. Estimated costs of preventable readmission for patients with private insurance are believed to be at least as high as those paid by Medicare.
B.I. Voyage has teamed up with Predixion Software to provide our provider & plan clients with a readmission solution to identify and reduce the number of avoidable readmission cases experienced by hospitals. Our innovative approach to readmission management takes a prospective view. By examining the historic readmission patterns specific to each medical facility our readmission solution is able to create a scientifically-based model that can be immediately implemented for the identification of patients currently admitted and that are at an elevated risk of readmission with great precision.

Health Care Providers

Whether your organization is taking steps to adopt a responsible care model or simply looking to satisfy CMS requirements to avoid reimbursement penalties, solutions to identify and reduce the occurrences of Potentially Preventable Events (PPEs) and better manage risk are critical to your success.

Health Care Plans

While member populations have been relatively static in years past, new government regulations will soon take effect that will dramatically increase the number of members participating in health plans. Solutions designed to identify “at risk” patient populations and enhanced care for members with chronic conditions will be vital in managing costs and promoting wellness.



    Our Preventable Readmission Experts will:

  • Work with any data source & convey it to you using a familiar interface (Excel) reducing requirements for complicated implementation or training
  • Base our information on models from clinical data based on your specific patient population
  • Provide a prospective approach that allows you to predict the likeliness of readmission, providing you with immediate insight into the future, as opposed to only past data
  • Empower you with tools that reduce the complexity of cohort creation
  • Enable you to determine the risk of readmission at or near the time of admission
  • Allow you to score readmission risk at 7, 15 and 30 days or custom time periods