Predictive Analytics

In a tough global economy, sloppy decision making and "going with your gut" can get you punished--swiftly. That's why leading companies are increasingly turning to a new management discipline called predictive analytics to compete and thrive. Rather than relying on intuition when pricing products, maintaining inventory or hiring talent, managers are using data, analysis and systematic reasoning to improve efficiency, reduce risk and increase profits. In simple terms analytics means using quantitative methods to derive insights from data, and then drawing on those insights to shape business decisions and, ultimately, improve business performance.

Leverage Our Predictive Analytics Experts for:

  • Retailers and service providers personalize
  • Insurers uncover previously unrecognizable risk patterns and characteristics
  • Financial institutions predict securities performance and trends

B.I. Voyage partners with Microsoft and Predixion software to bring clients industry leading self-service predictive analytics. Our Solutions enable you to easily create, manage and share powerful and accurate predictive analytics models without extensive training or specific knowledge of predictive analytics.