Architecture & Design

Architecture & Design are a critical component of every Data Warehouse and Business Intelligence implementation. The choices made during the design stage will have a significant impact on final adoption rates of a BI solution. We offer the full spectrum of DW/BI architecture and design services starting with mapping out the logical and physical architecture for data and integration to designing the processes of dimensional modeling, physical modeling, ETL design, OLAP cubes, predictive_analytics analytics, and report/dashboard development. Our DW/BI architectures have scaled from 10 Gigabytes to over 500 Terabytes. B.I. Voyage has extensive experience in the design and architecture of flexible, extensible, and scalable BI solutions that deliver real results quickly.

Leverage our Experts For:

  • Data Warehouse Requirements Gathering & Planning
  • Data Profiling
  • Ensuring Data Quality
  • Dimensional Data Modeling
  • ETL/ELT Design & Data Mapping
  • OLAP Cube Design
  • Reporting and Dashboard Design
  • Predictive Analytics Design
  • Information Collaboration Design

By applying best practices and avoiding common mistakes B.I. Voyage provides your organization with a properly built Data Warehouse and Business Intelligence solution that ensures performance, high adoption rates and maximum Return on Investment (ROI).