BI On-Demand

Many organizations today are starving to find a trusted DW/BI partner that is available to them, when they need them, to help support and maintain their new or existing DW/BI investments. With B.I. Voyage's On-Demand offering you will have access to one of our experienced DW/BI architects and get the answers you need, when you need them. We guarantee a four hour response time and with one phone call/email you will have access to world renowned DW/BI consultants for all of your ongoing support and consultation needs.

Leverage our experts for:

  • Ongoing Support & Consultation
  • Timely access to DW/BI experts
  • Ad-Hoc Training & Collaboration

Our BI architects provide you with the support necessary to reinforce your existing staff's knowledge and empower your people to meet and exceed existing business requirements, deliverables, and goals. Our On-Demand packages are purchased on a monthly, contractual basis with a guaranteed four hour response time. Once signed up, our consultants are available to you to perform a large variety of tasks including training, ad-hoc support, prototyping, and architecture/design for new or existing projects. Increase your organization's DW/BI effectiveness with the on-demand support of B.I. Voyage