About Us

B.I. Voyage, LLC (BIV), headquartered in Columbus, Ohio, is strategically located to support Corporations & Organizations throughout North America, with their advanced technological requirements. BIV Management—has over 30 years of direct experience in Advanced Technological Solutions, Data Warehouse, Business Intelligence & Information Management—focused around superior competencies in Microsoft Appliances & Cloud Computing Platforms. BIV provides its’ Architectural Design, Consulting & Training services to many of the most respected and well known organizations across the globe.

BIV is about business – Your Business & its Success! By working directly alongside your organizations staff, BIV provides its’ experience and expertise to determine the best course of action for your organizations analytical success and return on investment. BIV experiences’ have proven time and again, that by gaining a comprehensive understanding of your organizations unique analytical requirements that properly constructed & deployed solutions can be systematically created that directly correlate to the empowerment of your employees’ strategic daily goals; providing for higher efficiency running your business with far greater returns. B.I. Voyage – We Know Data!